Melissa Harris-Perry Laughs Hysterically When Guest Calls Romney 'Negro'

December 30th, 2012 1:43 PM

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry laughed hysterically Sunday when one of her guests called former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney "Negro."

Such occurred as Harris-Perry and four liberal comedians took "A Look Back In Laughter" at the year 2012 (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ELON JAMES WHITE, COMEDIAN: Mitt Romney put his foot in his mouth more times in this election from, he pulled that move. He went out there and made a birther joke. Remember? He decided to make a birther joke. Negro, you on TV. How are you making a birther joke?

MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY, HOST: Okay, you’ve been called many things. Mitt Romney has been called many things in 2012 and beyond, but Ima go with [unintelligible] is the first time he was ever called a Negro, spelled K-N-E-E-G-R-O-W.

JAMIE KILSTEIN, LEFT-WING POLITICAL COMIC AND RADIO HOST: He doesn't have that on his business card? Was that just a rumor?

WHITE: This is going to give him so much confidence when he goes back to the NAACP.

To be sure, this was a look back at the funnier side of 2012 with a group of liberal comedians, and was not intended to be a serious examination of the subject matter.

But would anybody find it funny if a group of conservative comedians on Fox took a comedic racial swipe at Obama while the host played along laughing hysterically at the gag?

This just goes as further evidence that liberal media members are free to say whatever they want while conservatives are governed by far stricter rules of engagement.

(HT @PoliticalPAW)