NYT: Ed Schultz Could Be Replaced By Ezra Klein

Oh please let this be true!

Unless his phrasing was clumsy, the New York Times' Brian Stelter reported Monday that MSNBC Obama-loving windbag Ed Schultz might be replaced in primetime by the Washington Post's Ezra Klein:

In the last two years, MSNBC has added Mr. Sharpton’s show at 6 p.m. and four round-table talk shows, two on weekday afternoons and two on weekend mornings. Mr. Griffin said he wanted to add more political programming on the weekends, replacing hours of prison documentaries that earn solid ratings but muddy the channel’s identity.

Several MSNBC employees, who spoke about programming plans on the condition of anonymity, said the most likely candidate for a new show was the Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein, a frequent substitute for Ms. Maddow. Mr. Klein may start with a weekend time slot, but these people said the 8 p.m. weekday time slot held by Mr. Schultz was also a possibility.

This is already starting to make waves. The perilously liberal Huffington Post wrote about it moments ago.

The far more even-handed TVNewser thinks it's bunk:

A spokesperson tells TVNewser this morning, “We’re very happy with the performance of our primetime lineup, which topped Fox News Channel three nights this week. There are no changes planned.”

An insider adds Klein is “a rising star” but adds weekday primetime is set.

Still, it would be wonderful to see the factually-challenged Schultz given the air even to be replaced by such a devout liberal as Klein.

After all, Klein is far more soft-spoken and less bombastic than Schultz.

Then again, who isn't?

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