Glee’s Jane Lynch Dresses as Mitt Romney for Halloween, Wife Goes as Paul Ryan

Glee star Jane Lynch dressed as Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney for Halloween.

In a pre-recorded Chelsea Lately aired Thursday, Lynch also said her wife was going as Paul Ryan (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary, file photo):

Near the end of their interview, host Chelsea Handler said, “Now you’re firmly behind Mitt Romney?”

Once Lynch controlled her laughter, she said, “I’m going as him for Halloween.”

“Are you?” asked Handler.

“Yeah, I’m going to have a top hat and a monocle,” responded Lynch.

This sent Handler practically into hysterics while evoking cheers from the studio audience.

“Laura my wife is going as Paul Ryan,” continued Lynch, “but workout Paul Ryan with the baseball cap on backwards and the iPod.”

“And his PX, what’s it called?” asked Handler.

“His PX 363,” said Lynch.

“374,” guessed Handler. “He better get used to that because he’s going to be working out for a long time after this election.”

“Let’s hope so,” agreed Lynch.

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