Leno on Iranian Sanctions: 'If Anyone Knows How To Cripple an Economy It's Obama'

As NewsBusters has been reporting, there has been a shift in recent months concerning late night hosts' willingness to make jokes about the current White House resident.

NBC's Jay Leno said a doozy on Tuesday's Tonight Show (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JAY LENO: One of President Obama's winning points last night was about how sanctions against Iran are crippling their economy. And believe me, if anyone knows how to cripple an economy it's President Obama.

This was by no means the first joke Leno has made about Obama in recent weeks.

His counterpart at CBS has even gotten into the act.

Prior to expressing his anger and discouragement with the President lying about Mitt Romney's position on the auto bailout during Monday's debate, David Letterman made a joke about people claiming Obama won on substance.

"Big deal," said Letterman. "Lance Armstrong won on several substances."

Makes you wonder if the late night hosts are beginning to recognize the President's shortcomings like much of the nation.

This comes in stark contrast to years of comedians refusing to satirize the current White House resident.

In fact, the President was so protected that Fox News's Greg Gutfeld commented in April, "Asking a comedian to make fun of Obama is like asking a priest to mock Christ."

Better late than never, I guess.

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