Congressman Scolds Crowley: 'It Wasn't Necessarily Your Place To Try To Be Fact-Checker'

Candy Crowley is rightfully coming under fire for acting like a biased referee in Tuesday night's presidential debate.

On CNN's Starting Point Wednesday, Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Ut.) scolded Crowley saying, "It wasn't necessarily your place to try to be fact-checker" (video follows with transcript and absolutely no need for additional commentary):

CONGRESSMAN JASON CHAFFETZ (R-UTAH): I have the greatest respect, and it's got to be difficult in that situation. I just felt that personally, that was the one time where I felt like there was a genuine disagreement between the two candidates, and I felt like it wasn't necessarily your place to try to be fact-checker right there. I happen to think that your assessment of that was wrong, and so I was a bit frustrated on that particular point. I think you did great on other parts of it, but I really felt like you have two candidates disagreeing, it's not the role of the moderator to try to say, "Well, Mr. President, you're right," or "Governor Romney, you're wrong."

(HT NB reader Patty Parrett)

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