Coulter Smacks Down Affleck and Maher: 'This Is Getting More Boring Than Charlie Rose'

Not surprisingly, Bill Maher and guest Ben Affleck took some cheap shots at former President George W. Bush during the Overtime installment of Friday's Real Time on HBO.

Smacking them down was conservative author Ann Coulter who deliciously said, "This is getting more boring than Charlie Rose (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

After Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) made a point about the White House's poor handling of the attack on our consulate in Libya, Maher predictably defended his hero saying, "To get on Obama’s back for not being detail-oriented enough to be looking over the staffing decisions in Benghazi, Bush didn’t know what Shiites and Sunnis were. He didn’t. They told him that, and his comment was, 'I thought they was all Muslim.'”

Once the laughter from Maher's braindead crowd subsided, Affleck echoed, "Yeah, Bush was a profoundly stupid guy.”

Don't you love all these Hollywoodans that think they're smarter than a former president and governor?

Fortunately, Coulter was there to end the Bush-bashing by saying, "This is getting more boring than Charlie Rose." Pointing at Affleck, she then asked, “Can he do his imitation of Joe Biden again?”

Now THAT’S entertainment!

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