French Woman Gets $15 Quadrillion Phone Bill

What would the look on your face be if you received a $15 quadrillion phone bill?

That's what happened to a woman in Pessac, France, when telephone provider Bouygues Telecom misplaced A LOT of decimal points in her statement.

According to Australia's Herald Sun, Solenne San Jose was sent a bill for 11,721,000,000,000,000 Euros.

That's $15.1 quadrillion, and roughly 6,000 times France's gross domestic product.

"There were so many zeros I couldn't even work out how much it was," San Jose told France's Sud Ouest.

Sud Ouest reported that San Jose terminated her contract with Bouygues Telecom early, and that she would have to pay an early termination fee. 

It turns out it should have been for 117.21 Euros, or $151.20.

Unfortunately, resolving the matter wasn't as easy as you would think, for Bouygues Telecom initially told San Jose that they couldn't stop the automatic debit from hitting her bank account.

After a number of calls, Bouygues Telecom admitted the mistake was due to a printing error, and the bill was adjusted.

Makes you wonder how much they charged her for those calls.

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