Chris Matthews Shows Staggering Ignorance, Falsely Claims No One Will Sell Seniors Health Insurance

If MSNBC doesn't hire a number of public editors to analyze the accuracy of statements made by its on air hosts and commentators, it will never be taken seriously as a credible news source.

Consider Hardball host Chris Matthews who on Thursday falsely said for the umpteenth time that no one will sell health insurance to senior citizens (video follows with transcript and commentary):

MATTHEWS: When I hear your people, including the President, he's our president as well, say the difference between the healthcare plans of the Democrats and Republicans on Medicare is it will cost more if you have to go to vouchers. I'm telling you this, as a thoughtful person, no freaking 82-year-old persons can go out on a bus and buy health insurance. Nobody is going to sell it to them. Why don’t you say that? Why do you say it will cost a little more? Who’s going to give grandma, 80 to 90 years old, is going to say, “Oh, I'll buy your health insurance.” Nobody is going to sell it to them. So in other words, he's condemning people to no health insurance. That's common sense.

No, it's utter nonsense. In fact, it's 100 percent false, so much so that if MSNBC is to call itself a "news network," Matthews should be required to issue a retraction and tell viewers the truth.

The fact is that there is a huge market for something called Medicare Supplement Insurance or what some call Medigap Insurance.

What ignoramuses like Matthews appear not to know is that Medicare doesn't cover all health costs. Not even close.

As such, seniors can spend additional money for what's called Medicare Advantage which does cover virtually everything or Med-Sup insurance to fill in the gaps of ordinary Medicare.

This is such a huge market that Medicare offers a 60 page report at its website to guide people through what Med-Sup is, how it works, who qualifies, and what it should cost. 

How many people are on Med-Sup plans?

According to the Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance, that number was 9.8 million in 2011, and is guaranteed to explode now that the baby boomers are retiring.

And this is a very competitive market with all the big name carriers vying for seniors' business.

It is therefore a bald-faced lie that nobody wants to sell seniors health insurance, and MSNBC should prevent Matthews and the rest of its hosts and commentators from telling it.

But I wouldn't hold your breath because that would be too much like journalism for this farce of a so-called "news network."

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