Busted: Hillary Clinton Caught Checking Out Christina Aguilera

One of the classic Hollywood pictures of all time is actress Sophia Loren staring at Jayne Mansfield's breasts at Romanoff's restaurant in 1957.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared a similar moment with pop diva Christina Aguilera at Wednesday's George McGovern Leadership Award Ceremony in Washington D.C.

This was Clinton and Aguilera Wednesday (photo courtesy Getty):

TMZ, the New York Post, and the Huffington Post all seem fascinated by this shot.

There's only one problem: this wasn't a big deal in real time. Here's the video of the incident courtesy the Associated Press (Clinton's glance at 1:11):

Not much of a glance, was it? Without a timely snap of a shutter, nobody would have noticed.

Compare that to this:

Of course, those familiar with this shot know that it was a publicity stunt. This occurred at a dinner party in Loren's honor at the famous Romanoff's in Beverly Hills, and publicists thought it would be good for both stars' careers to deflect some attention away from the Italian actress.

Beyond that, Mansfield and her handlers were always working overtime to expose her chest whenever possible.

But possibly the most fascinating aspect of this episode that nobody has reported is that when Aguilera appeared as musical guest on NBC's Saturday Night Live in the '90s, one of the commercial bumpers had guest host Alec Baldwin photoshopped into the black and white version of the Loren-Mansfield picture.

Talk about your whacky coincidences.

Makes you wonder if this could all be traced back somehow to a Kevin Bacon film.

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