Letterman Uses Scarborough to Trash Romney: 'Sweet Jesus'

When he's not shamelessly touting his conservative bona fides, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough spends most of his time bashing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Apparently these attacks have become so well-known throughout the liberal media that CBS Late Show host David Letterman Thursday night played one for his audience in a brief segment he called "Joe Scarborough: Sweet Jesus" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

At the end of his opening monologue, Letterman asked, "You folks familiar with the cable show Morning Joe?"

"The man's name is Joe Scarborough," he continued, "actually was on our show once."

"We have a segment for you tonight featuring that program," Letterman teased. "It's called 'Joe Scarborough: Sweet Jesus.' That's right, 'Joe Scarborough: Sweet Jesus.' Take a look.”

A recent Morning Joe clip was played of Romney encouraging a crowd at a campaign stop to chant "Romney/Ryan, Romney/Ryan."

The camera then switched back to the set showing Scarborough doing a double facepalm as he said, "Sweet Jesus!"

The segment ended with the following picture on the screen as the audience laughed and applauded:

So, clips of one of MSNBC's two "conservatives" are now being used to attack the Republican presidential nominee.

And Scarborough wonders why "real" conservatives think he's a traitor, or at the very least an opportunist that has traded in his principles for ratings such as they are.

Keep up the good work, Joe.

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