Chuck Todd: 'Michelle Obama Owned This Convention In a Way No Speaker' Did in Tampa

“Michelle Obama owned this convention, the delegates – I’ve been on the floor right now, back to back, two weeks in a row – in a way that no speaker owned the floor of the convention in Tampa.”

So said Chuck Todd, NBC's chief White House correspondent, on MSNBC minutes after the first lady finished her speech at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

"You could watch the emotional connection from the delegates to the first lady,” he continued. “It was very powerful to watch, and it’s got to be something the Democrats have to feel good about the way just how much passion there is for the President here.”

“In Tampa,” added Todd, “the passion on the floor when you saw it was never for Mitt Romney. It was always against the President. And it is just one of those striking differences, at least on this first night, that I’ve taken away, being here, seeing how everybody here’s listening to all the speeches, even the ones at eight o’clock and a seven o’clock and at eight-thirty, versus in Tampa where they really only tuned in at ten o’clock.”

This came moments after Lawrence O'Donnell said Mrs. Obama is "the best speechmaker in the history of the first ladyship."

Some remarkable praise from two different commentators on the same so-called "news network" roughly fifteen minutes after the first lady finished.

I guess this is what MSNBC considers "fair and balanced."

Just imagine the sycophancy after Bill Clinton and President Obama finish their respective speeches in the next two days.

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