Chris Christie Sings Springsteen Duet With Jimmy Fallon

Most people know that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen's.

On NBC's Late Night Tuesday, Christie launched into a duet of the Springsteen classic "Thunder Road" with host Jimmy Fallon.

Toward the end of the interview, Fallon said, “The other thing I appreciate about this -- and we tweet about this, back and forth -- is you are a, might be the biggest Springsteen fan I know. You love Bruce Springsteen.”

“I do. I do,” Christie replied, telling Fallon he just saw him in Philadelphia. “It was my 130th show last night."

After some applause, Christie said, “It started when I was 13. So, you know, I'm gonna be 50. So, it's a lot of years.”

The Governor said he first saw Springsteen at Seton Hall University in 1975.

After some additional chitchat, Fallon asked Christie to “give us a little taste” and sing “Thunder Road.”

The Governor happily complied launching into a duet with Fallon.

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