Leno to Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte: 'Somebody In the Olympics Was a Virgin - Was That You?'

NBC's Tonight Show host Jay Leno asked gold medalist Ryan Lochte what some would consider a rather personal question Thursday evening.

"I know somebody in the Olympics was a virgin. Was that you?” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Towards the end of the interview, Leno said to his guest, “Now, I know you're a single guy. I know somebody in the Olympics was a virgin. Was that you?”

A somewhat embarrassed Lochte responded, “No, no, no. That wasn't me.”

“I wasn't sure,” joked Leno. “I read about somebody being a virgin. I didn't know if it was you or not. No, I'm just teasing.”

Leno was obviously poking fun at Lochte who was seen partying with lots of women during the Olympics.

Moments later, Leno got a bit more serious and said, “Well, the rumor is - and you tell me if there's any truth to this - the rumor is you might do the The Bachelor or Dancing With the Stars. Is this true?”

“If they asked me to do The Bachelor,” answered Lochte, “I'd definitely, I'd consider it, but I would talk with my family first. That's something I'd have to do.

The Dancing With the Stars," continued Lochte, “I mean, I did in college, I took a dancing class. I got an A. I think I'd be pretty good at it.”

Anyone that can swim like he does would probably be good at anything.

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