Maddow on NB Piece Linked By Drudge: 'Welcome 3-Day Onslaught' of 'Emails Informing Me I Am Gay'

August 12th, 2012 1:38 PM

Rachel Maddow apparently wasn't pleased to learn that a NewsBusters piece about her being destroyed on Meet the Press by National Review editor Rich Lowry Sunday was picked up by the popular website The Drudge Report.

Commenting on Twitter, the MSNBC commentator wrote, "Ah, a Drudge link. Welcome, 3-day onslaught of ALL CAPS swearing misspelled tweets & emails informing me that I am gay":

Well, maybe if she had answered Lowry's simple question concerning whether or not she supports the $700 billion of Medicare cuts in ObamaCare she could look forward to praise for her appearance.

Instead, by ducking the issue she exposed herself as a Democrat shill with no business anchoring a television show on a so-called "news network."

(HT @djwolf76)