CNN's Candy Crowley Claims Some GOPers Think Ryan Pick ‘Some Sort of Ticket Death Wish’

As NewsBusters has been noting all Saturday morning, now that Paul Ryan has been chosen as Mitt Romney's running mate, the goal of the Obama-loving media is to rip him to shreds.

Doing her part Saturday was CNN's Candy Crowley who claimed some Republicans (unnamed, of course) think this "looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish."

[[Editor's Note: Since the townhall debate format debuted in the 1992, the media moderators have favored left-wing question 2 to 1 over conservative ones. Get the facts here.]]

Crowley's comments are in keeping with the media's past treatment of GOP vice presidential nominees. Here's a quick look at how the media have always echoed Democratic talking points against everyone from Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle to Dick Cheney and Jack Kemp.

Transcript of Crowley's remarks is below:

CANDY CROWLEY, CNN: We’ve already had this debate. All they have to do at Obama Reelect is open up the files because this debate has already happened. They just bring it back, it goes, it is, you know, what they talk about. But I think the other thing that’s worth pointing out is not every Republican has signed on to this kind of, I mean, they will publicly. But there is some trepidation…

GLORIA BORGER, CNN: They're afraid.

CROWLEY: ...that this might be, looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish. That, oh, my gosh, do we really want to talk about these thing? Is this where we want to go when the economy is so bad? We could have stayed on that.

A ticket death wish?

Readers are advised this came right after CNN's Gloria Borger called Ryan "a polarizing figure."

Is this how the folks at CNN think they're going to improve their continually declining ratings?

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*****Update: The second paragraph of an earlier version of this piece read, "Doing her part Saturday was CNN's Candy Crowley who said that this 'looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish.'" Also, the original title was, "CNN's Candy Crowley: Ryan Pick 'Looks a Little Bit Like Some Sort of Ticket Death Wish.'"

The piece has been changed to better reflect Crowley's claim that this is coming from Republicans even though she didn't name any.

This of course is a common strategy by media members to impart their own opinions by saying they came from nameless others.

*****Update: This particular comment isn't the first one that Crowley has made that's been favorable to Democrats and President Obama. In June of this year, she said that Americans shouldn't be concerned that top-secret military mission information was being leaked out of the White House to the media (almost invariably designed to make Obama look good). That didn't bother Crowley who said “Usually you kind of give the President a pass on leaking confidential stuff.”

She also was unabashed in her boosterism for Obama when he was a candidate in 2008, telling viewers that she actually made it a point to take her daughter to his announcement and also Hillary Clinton's because she was caught up in the historical moment:

"I recall standing out in very chilly Springfield, Illinois, when Barack Obama announced. And a lot of people I talked to there said, 'Oh, you're an Obama supporter?' I said no, but you know, this might be history. I wanted to bring my kid. Same with Hillary Clinton. I brought my daughter, you know, because I think this might be history."

Was Crowley ever as enthusiastic about an announcement from a Republican?

There are many more quotes that we've gathered over the years demonstrating Crowley's very clearly liberal perspective. Click here to read our study.

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