Hollywood Billboard: 'CougarLife.com: For Mother F--kers'

Imagine you're driving along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood with your kids as you pass a billboard that reads "CougarLife.com: for Mother F--kers."

The Huffington Post reported Wednesday that such a thing not only exists, but also more such vulgar billboards are going up in Hollywood and West Hollywood.

Cougar Life touts itself as "the dating site for women to catch younger men."

Claudia Opdenkelder, president and "proud cougar" herself, offers the following message to prospective clients:

As the only dating service of its kind, I created CougarLife.com for women like you -- successful, self-confident and mature, who are looking to meet young, confident men.

Relationships are as diverse as society itself and as long as you're happy, isn't that really all that matters? I, for one, recently married an amazing man 14 years my junior and I've never been happier.

It's not just me. Millions of women are having fulfilling relationships with younger men. I receive emails daily from men and women thanking me for creating this service.

So what are you waiting for? You don't have to be Courteney Cox or Jennifer Lopez to land a cute cub (young man). Sign up to CougarLife for free and check out the young men in your area who are looking to meet women like you.

Whether you're recently divorced, never married or just one yummy mummy; I promise you will find what you're looking for at CougarLife.com - your personal playground where you can lose your inhibitions, play the field or even find someone special - just like I did.

Isn't that special?

And now the company is displaying the first of many vulgar billboards in the middle of Los Angeles.

Why there you ask.

According to company spokeswoman Elissa Buchter - also a cougar herself - LA is the "cougar capital" of America. The company has more members in the 90069 zip code than anywhere else in the country.

But isn't the term "mother f--ker" offensive and demeaning even to women looking to "date" younger men?

Not at all says Buchter. "The majority of cougars are single moms. And we thought it'd be a good way to get their attention and make a splash," she told the Post.

As for how the company could get away with such vulgarity on a publicly displayed billboard, the city of West Hollywood issued the following statement to the Post:

The City of West Hollywood has a lease agreement with Van Wagner Communications which allows for the operation and maintenance of a privately-owned billboard on Sunset Boulevard. The lease agreement gives the City limited approval of the billboard content based on City policy or community standards. The City reviewed the billboard content and determined it did not violate City policy or community standards.

Explains a lot about West Hollywood and its residents, doesn't it?

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