Ron Reagan Jr's Howler of the Week: 'Media Is Not Giving Obama Enough Credit'

We media analysts see, hear, and read a lot of stupid comments from press members everyday.

For me, the howler of the week has to be MSNBC political analyst Ron Reagan Jr. saying about President Obama on Friday's Hardball, "The media is not giving him enough credit" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

MICHAEL SMERCONISH, SUBSTITUTE HOST: There was nobody better than the Gipper who was able to do that which the president acknowledges he’s been unable to do in his first couple of years in office. Your thoughts?

RON REAGAN JR., MSNBC POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, there might be a variety of reasons why he’s been less than successful at telling his story as he put it. You can always blame the staff of course. I think there also might be some personal reticence on his part. You know, George H.W. Bush was famously averse to using the “I” word. So there might be a little of that.

There might be a little of that? Was Reagan being serious or is he such a hopeless sycophant he misses the astonishing number of times Obama uses the words “I” and “me” in speeches?

Just last week, CNS News reported the President saying “I” or “me” 117 times while speaking for 25 minutes in Sandusky, Ohio. That's almost five times each and every minute.

If Reagan thinks Obama has a hard time talking about himself, MSNBC political analysts must not actually be required to review the president's speechs before commenting about them.

Although that wouldn't surprise me, the real laugher was yet to come:

REAGAN: It also might be that the Republicans have put the White House a bit on the defensive. You’ll remember when he made the call on Osama bin Laden and announced that we had gotten bin Laden in a rather low-key kind of way, the Republicans immediately jumped on him and accused him of taking a victory lap, and doing unseemly things, and politicizing all that sort of thing.

Make sure those seatbelts are tightly fastened!

REAGAN: It might also be that the media is not giving him enough credit for telling the story that he has told - and I don’t disagree that he hasn’t done a good enough job – but hasn’t given him enough credit for telling a story because when the president comes out and says, “You know, we passed this bill, and here are a lot of the good things it’s going to do,” it doesn’t make the news the way, you know, the president is a communist and he’s going to, you know, give us all death panels. “And by the way, I’m wearing a funny hat.” That tends to lead the news.

Yeah, that's what it is. That darned conservative media just isn't giving this liberal president enough credit.

Did I mention this guy's actually a political analyst for MSNBC?

Explains a lot about this farce of a so-called "news network," doesn't it?

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