Romney-Attacking Ex-Politico Reporter Williams Guilty of Assaulting Ex-Wife

The bad publicity for Romney-attacking ex-Politico reporter Joe Williams continued this week.

On Wednesday, Fish Bowl DC reported Williams pleaded guilty in May to assaulting his ex-wife:

On May 24 of this year, he plead guilty to second degree assault against his ex-wife, paid a $200 fine and received six months of probation. His probation ends on November 24, 2012. Other charges he plead out include disorderly conduct and affray (i.e. a public order offense that consists of fighting in a public place). His ex-wife, author Amy Alexander, obtained a year long court order against him that began in February, 2012.

This actually wasn't the first time Alexander filed charges against Williams:

Alexander filed a previous complaint against Williams in 2007. On August 2, 2007, Alexander filed what looks to be a restraining order against Williams. This appears to be temporary and lasted only from August 2, 2007 to August 9, 2007. On Aug. 9 the case was dismissed after the plaintiff withdrew the complaint.

Alexander emailed FishBowl about the matter: “I can’t comment on a legal case but will say that I sincerely hope that Joe Williams finds his professional footing and that he also begins to take seriously his responsibilities as the father of our two children.”

As NewsBusters has been reporting, Williams was suspended by Politico in mid-June for saying presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney feels more comfortable around "white folks."

Last Saturday Politico announced it and Williams were permanently parting ways.

Certainly hasn't been a very good summer for Williams.

Makes you wonder if he's going to continue blaming all his problems on "radical conservatives."

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