Maher to Palin After ObamaTax Ruling: 'When One of Your Kids Gets Knocked Up They'll Be Covered'

Bill Maher has gone after former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's children again.

Shortly after Thursday's Supreme Court ruling regarding ObamaTax, the vulgar comedian tweeted the former Republican vice presidential nominee, "[O]h cheer up, it just means when one of ur kids gets knocked up they'll be covered."

Clever, isn't he?

Of course, Palin has been a regular target of Maher's with him having called her a c--t and a t--t.

HBO apparently doesn't mind, nor does President Obama who is a recipient of $1 million in campaign donations from this vulgarian.

Much as the profanity, the hypocrisy on the left knows no bounds.

(HT Breitbart)

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