Tonight Show Airs Mock Video of Obama Dancing in White House After Healthcare Ruling

Barack Obama, in his statement after Thursday's Supreme Court ruling upholding the individual mandate in his healthcare legislation, did his best not to appear that he was spiking the football.

The folks at NBC's Tonight Show clearly weren't pleased with the President's reserve and created a video of their own showing a jubilant Obama dancing in the White House before he addressed the nation (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Host Jay Leno began his monologue Thursday addressing the "landmark decision" by asking his audience, "You know what that means? You get a chest x-ray, you get a chest x-ray, everybody. You get a prostate exam. Everybody."

After the applause subsided, Leno continued, "This is a major victory for President Obama who spent three years promoting it, and of course a major setback for Mitt Romney who spent three years creating it."

As we won't really know for months who the political winner and loser is from this ruling, that joke seems a stretch if not typical of the liberal media view on this issue.

What we do know is the Romney campaign has seen a huge surge in donations following Thursday's announcement. But that didn't stop Leno's celebration.

"Did you see President Obama's reaction to the Supreme Court ruling?" he then asked his audience. "He didn't want to gloat, but if you watch his body language closely, you could see he was feeling pretty good about."

What followed was a mock video of Obama jubilantly dancing as he approached the podium.

Of course, the audience loved it, but from what I saw Thursday, it was media members dancing as a result of this ruling.

As such, a better video would have included all of the leading personalities from ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and PBS partying with the President.

That would have been far more appropriate, and exceedingly more humorous.

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