Comedian Jimmie 'JJ' Walker on Economy: 'People Are Looking for Work Dressed As Mexicans'

The Obama-loving media might not want to address how bad the unemployment situation is in America under this President, but comedian Jimmie "JJ" Walker on CBS's Late Show Monday had a humorous observation about the current job market.

"People are going out looking for work dressed as Mexicans" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

After host David Letterman asked Walker about what’s going on in politics today, the comedian said, “I couldn't believe what happened with the Supreme Court with the immigration in Arizona. You cannot even be a Mexican anymore! No, you can't just show up and say, ‘I'm Juan Gonzalez.’ Not like that. You’ve got to have like a taco and a burrito...It's unbelievable.”

“And nowadays,” he continued, “they say, ‘Oh you know, Mexicans come across the border to get jobs that Americans don't want…Now people are going out looking for work dressed as Mexicans.”

Walker then moved to presidential politics saying, “And the good thing now, interesting, because the big election is coming up…You know, we got the black president in there now. And notice how quiet it got out here. That’s kind of a buyer's remorse move there.”

“And Barack Obama, because he's a little upset with some of you guys, so he’s come up with a new rule,” joked Walker. “New rules, people: All white people report to the cotton fields for reorganization, baby.”

Walker then addressed the economy saying, “And I tell you what the problem is - it's the credit problem, Dave. That's the big problem. Everybody is mad about credit. There’s no credit. Let me tell you something: credit never affected black people. No, because we never had credit in the first place. But now that white people can't get credit, oh, everybody’s upset now."

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