Chuck Todd on Supreme Court AZ Immigration Ruling: 'Worst of All Outcomes If You’re Mitt Romney'

NBC News political director Chuck Todd said Monday the Supreme Court's ruling regarding Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law "is probably the worst of all outcomes if you’re Mitt Romney."

Such was said on MSNBC's Jansing and Company moments after the announcement (video follows with transcript and commentary):

After discussing the issue with NBC correspondent Pete Williams, Jansing said, "We’ve been talking about the incredible political implications of this ruling for both sides in an election year when the Latino vote is going to be so critical in so many key battleground states."

Jansing then introduced Todd as well as Andrea Mitchell asking, “Chuck, as you heard from Pete, a little bit of something for everybody. Is it the joy of victory or the agony of defeat for the White House do you think?”

Todd responded by immediately flipping the question to how the ruling impacts Romney.

“Well, politically I want to talk about this in terms of Mitt Romney,” Todd said. “Politically, this is probably the worst of all outcomes if you’re Mitt Romney, because you’ve talked about there’s some parts of the Arizona law that you thought were a model.”

With a smile on his face Todd continued, “It was specifically not this part of the law that actually that they would take issue with that they said was necessarily a model.”

After some additional elaboration about the ruling, Todd said, “I think it puts Romney in a much more difficult position.”

Todd then speculated how other states might now adopt their policies to what the Court approved Monday adding, “And that in itself is still something that offends a lot of Latinos, and it is not necessarily the type of story or the type of political issue that the Romney campaign wants to be talking about for another three days.”

“Any day they’re talking about immigration,” Todd said, “is a bad day for their campaign.”

Did you notice that Todd never uttered a word about how this impacts Obama despite that being the question from Jansing?

Same was true for Mitchell who also only defined this matter from how it helped Democrats and hurt Romney.

What else should we expect from a so-called “news network” described last week by conservative talk radio host as “an annex of the Democrat National Committee?”

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