Russert Tells Dem Rep 'They Watch This at the White House, God Willing, So They’ll Get the Message'

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday, "NBC News is an annex of the Democrat National Committee, and it is posing as a news network."

Perfectly illustrating the point Thursday was MSNBC's Luke Russert who while substitute-hosting the Daily Rundown told Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-Oh.) after she sang the praises of President Obama and asked him to campaign for her in her state, "They watch this at the White House, God willing, so they’ll get the message loud and clear" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

LUKE RUSSERT, SUBSTITUTE HOST: So you would welcome President Obama to campaign with you in your district?

CONGRESSWOMAN MARCY KAPTUR (D-OHIO): Oh, welcome him. I've been trying to get his wife, Michelle Obama, for several years right now. And we would like them to travel with us throughout Ohio. I think our Party represents, if you just look at the number of women running in the Democratic, on the Democratic side of the aisle in Ohio, 7 of the 15 candidates that we have are women. We have minorities. You look at the other side of the aisle, there are no women. There are no minorities running in Ohio. We have a much more representative slate as we look at Ohio, and I think we’d be proud, I want the president back. And certainly we would love to welcome his fight.

RUSSERT: Well they watch, they watch this at the White House, God willing, so they’ll get the message loud and clear.

Luke's father Tim must be rolling over in his grave.

(HT Marc Sheppard)

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