Morgan Freeman: There Is a ‘Great Attempt’ to ‘Disenfranchise’ Women, Hispanic and Black Voters

As NewsBusters previously reported, Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman said Tuesday, "We’re going to be in a lot of trouble if we don't reelect [Barack Obama] because people on the other side of the fence scare me."

In the second part of his Tavis Smiley Show interview aired Wednesday on PBS Freeman said, "Women, Hispanics, blacks, there is a large attempt, a great attempt, at disenfranchisement" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

TAVIS SMILEY, HOST: You were saying last night at the end of the conversation that you’re a bit frightened, scared was your exact word, of the other side if we do not reelect Barack Obama.

MORGAN FREEMAN: Yeah. One case in point, if you look at the attempts to disenfranchise minority voters - I use the term minority advisedly here because the Hispanic world is growing so fast that in no time at all, I expect that they will be in the majority. But my point is that women, Hispanics, blacks, there is a large attempt, a great attempt, at disenfranchisement. I mean, it’s right out in the open. I’m not, you know, this isn’t like breaking news or anything. Why is that?

SMILEY: Well, they would argue voter fraud.

FREEMAN: Yeah, but of all the people who are talking against that asked for proof, and how much has been arrived?

SMILEY: Precious little.

FREEMAN: Precious little.

Precious litte?

What liberal media members have been ignoring for months as they spread demonstrably false propaganda about Republicans trying to suppress minority votes with measures to prevent voter fraud is that following all of the claims by Democrats of such in the 2004 elections, and all of the problems in the 2000 elections, a Commission on Federal Election Reform was created in 2005 led by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker.

One of their recommendations was a voter ID much like many states are now proposing.

As such, it is shear nonsense that there is little incidence of voter fraud in this country, and a shameful canard that trying to prevent it represents an attempt at suppression or disenfranchisement.

But Freeman wasn't finished:

FREEMAN: So, that isn’t quite it. It can't possibly be quite it. It has to be that they know that this group is going to be pretty firmly in the camp of Barack Obama. I certainly will, and not only because he is doing a good job, I think, as president, but because his enemies are, they’re stepping out of closets. You know, they’re wide open. Somebody is going to spend 10 billion, no $10 million…

SMILEY: And more.

FREEMAN: …I'm just talking about on one commercial…


FREEMAN: …to downgrade you because they got the money. Brings up that other question about is the country for sale.

Where was Freeman in 2008 when presidential candidate Barack Obama spent more money to buy his victory than anyone in American history? And where was he when Obama spent more money than any other candidate in history on negative ads?

No, that was just fine in 2008 when the candidate Freeman supported did such things.

But now that it appears the worm has turned and it will be Republicans spending more money this cycle, it's just awful.

Funny how that works.

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