WaPo Waits 3 Paragraphs to Report NATO Protesters Facing Terrorism Charges Are Occupy Activists

Three NATO protesters were in court Saturday facing terrorism charges for allegedly planning to bomb Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s house.

The Washington Post published an article about this Saturday and mysteriously waited until the third paragraph to inform readers the trio were Occupy activists:

As NATO protesters marched by the hundreds to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s house, three others were in court Saturday facing terrorism charges for allegedly planning to bomb the mayor’s residence, police stations and Obama’s campaign headquarters during the upcoming summit.

While the delegates from the treaty organization began to arrive and security tightened around the city for Sunday’s kickoff, three men who had been arrested in a raid Wednesday appeared before a Cook County judge, charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, possession of an explosive device and providing material support for terrorism.

The men — Occupy activists Brian Church, 20, of Fort Lauderdale; Jared Chase, 24, of Keene, N.H.; and Brent Vincent Betterly, 24, of Oakland Park, Fla. — are being held on $1.5 million bond.

Prosecutors alleged they had made Molotov cocktails and had discussed using other weapons, including swords and knives.

Imagine for a moment these were Tea Party members facing terrorism charges.

Do you think the Post would have waited until the third paragraph to divulge their affiliation, or would that have not only been in the first sentence but also the headline?

Let's be honest. If these were Tea Party members, this would have led all the television newscasts, been addressed every hour on the hour by CNN and MSNBC, and would have been headlines in every newspaper in the country.

But because these are Occupy activists, not a chance.

I have to confess it's becoming harder and harder to be a media analyst these days.

What I witness on a daily basis from news outlets I used to admire sickens me to the point of violent nausea.

I continue to be amazed that this is happening in my beloved America, and that what I once revered as a "free press" are now totally in bed with forces they should be aggressively exposing rather than sheltering from scrutiny.

Potentially even worse, folks on the left who supposedly are for a "free press" are not only complicit, but have the gall to rage against news outlets reporting what they refuse to.

Does America even exist anymore?

(HT Tammy Bruce)

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