Bill Maher: Palin Thinks Native Americans Are From India

April 28th, 2012 1:08 PM

Less than ten minutes after HBO's Bill Maher ignorantly claimed giving to the Mormon Church isn't like donating to a real charity, he once again had the nerve to attack the intellectual capacity of Sarah Palin.

During one of his New Rules at the end of Real Time, the pompous host joked about the former Alaska governor thinking Native Americans are from India (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER: New Rule, if the Indians have a rocket that works but the North Koreans don’t, we have to stop being scared of North Korea and start being scared of India. Now, you may ask, “Why would India launch a missile at us?” Well, Sarah Palin points out, “We did steal their land.”

The audience of course thought this was hysterical, but as Maher correctly pointed out months ago, they're just a bunch of brainwashed liberals.

As for the host, it says a lot about the contents of his cranium to in the year 2012 use this old gag about Indians and Native Americans. I mean, who is this ignoramus to impugn anyone's intelligence?

Roughly ten minutes earlier, he said of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, "All his charitable donations are to Mormons. He gives to his cult. That’s not a charity. They're not poor people."

NewsBusters of course proved that 100 percent false.

Here are some other stones thrown by this man clearly living in a glass house:

Those are just some examples of Maher inanities from only the past twelve months.

And he's got the nerve to mock anyone else's intelligence.