Chris Matthews on Presidential Race: 'Will It Be the Messiah Again or a Mechanic – In Other Words, Romney?'

April 22nd, 2012 3:33 PM

Chris Matthews asked what some might consider an astonishingly biased question this weekend.

As he teased an upcoming segment on the syndicated program bearing his name, the said of the presidential race, "This time will it be the messiah again or a mechanic – in other words, Romney?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: When we come back, it's a celebrity world we know that out there, and Barack Obama himself became a celebrity when the kids latched on to him back in ’08 and then their parents fell in line. Well this time will it be the messiah again or a mechanic – in other words, Romney?

When the program returned from commercial break, the ensuing segment was about how Obama was able to run last time as a messiah-like celebrity and if he'll be able to do that again.

Of course, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was depicted as being a stiff lacking any rock star qualities.

This likely will be part of the media playbook this year to try to bring back Obama's messiah image despite his record and make Romney a drip by comparison.

Anything to distract the public from high unemployment, soaring gas prices, and exploding deficits.