Maher Curses Out Audience for Not Laughing at His Joke

Bill Maher on Friday cursed out his audience for not laughing at one of his jokes.

When his HBO Real Time attendees fell totally silent after the host said the judge in Florida gave Zimmerman bail under the condition that he can shoot the kids in the British-Irish boy band One Direction, Maher raised both middle fingers at the crowd saying, "F--k you...You can get the stick out of your a--. It's just a joke" (video follows with transcript and commentary, serious vulgarity warning):

BILL MAHER: Now the other guy who had a good day today, George Zimmerman down in Florida, he got bail. Mr. George Zimmerman, he promised a judge, he said until the trial he promised not to shoot any unarmed teenagers. And the judge made an exception, he said, "For One Direction. If you want to shoot those kids, that's fine." [Silence] Oh, f--k you, I mean seriously. People, the show has started. We're on HBO, we're in California. You can get the stick out of your a--. It's just a joke. We're not really going to shoot the kids from one direction.

Now, to be fair to Maher, my ignorance of boy bands was showing Saturday.

This article was originally titled "Bill Maher Curses Out Audience for Not Laughing at Racist Joke About Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman." I didn't realize the HBO Real Time host was referring to the popular British-Irish singing group.

I thank the eagle-eyed NewsBusters reader Erik for bringing this to my attention via email, and apologize to Maher for accusing him of making a racist joke about Martin and Zimmerman.

It's still a pretty sad commentary that Maher and his writers are becoming too offensive for an audience he admitted months ago were a bunch of brainwashed liberals.

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