SNL Writer: Sean Hannity 'The Dumbest Person Who’s Ever Been Paid to Speak on Television'

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd published a piece Sunday about how the folks at Saturday Night Live find political material for their show each week.

Buried way at the very end was quite a disparaging comment about Fox News's Sean Hannity from long-time SNL writer Jim Downey:

Downey is leavening the prospect of an “eh” campaign by plotting to follow up his hilarious Keith Olbermann sketch (performed by the host Ben Affleck) with a send-up of Sean Hannity.

“I think I’m right in saying,” Downey observed, “that he’s the dumbest person who’s ever been paid to speak on television.”

If Downey thinks Hannity is "the dumbest person who’s ever been paid to speak on television,” you've got to wonder who he thinks is the smartest.

On the other hand, the brother of Robert Downey and uncle of Robert Downey Jr. is supposedly a Republican as well as a friend of conservative author Ann Coulter.

So said former SNL writer Adam McKay in 2008.

As such, who knows what Downey's beef is with Hannity?

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