Dan Rather: 'Race Will Be a Factor in This Presidential Campaign'

April 8th, 2012 11:55 AM

With the way the Obama-loving media have mishandled the Trayvon Martin shooting, there's seems to be no question the Left wants race to be an issue in the upcoming elections.

Appearing on the syndicated Chris Matthews Show this weekend, HDNet's Dan Rather ominously said, "Race will be a factor in this presidential campaign" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

DAN RATHER, HDNET: But this will be, let's don't forget that race will be a factor in this presidential campaign. Yes, the country can feel good about we elected a person of color, which I did not expect to see in my lifetime. But race will be a factor in this. The fact that the economy is in this strange position that it seems to be doing better but everyone has a sense it's more volatile than we know, it’s more fragile than we know. And in the end, you know, Chris, I'm a great believer that people vote their pocket books.

Somewhat surprisingly, Rather seemed mostly by himself on this issue as the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker didn’t agree and neither did Politico’s John Harris.

For her part, the Washington Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson felt that if Romney Super PACs or Fox News tried to make race an issue, it will backfire and turn independents off from Republicans.

Unfortunately, I'm with Rather.

Much as the Left manufactured a Republican war on women earlier in the year, they see the Trayvon Martin shooting as the ideal tonic to bring race into this campaign as well.

With black unemployment still at near record levels, and many African-Americans feeling they have been ignored by this President, a little race war might be exactly what the doctor ordered to gin up excitement in this demographic.

As the late Ed Hart used to say, we'll know in the fullness of time.