Obama Praises Mika Brzezinski: 'Better Half' of Morning Joe

The Obama administration has never been shy about showing its appreciation for the deplorably liberal so-called "news" network MSNBC.

Speaking at a White House economic forum Friday, the President expressed additional adoration as he praised Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski for proving "women really are the better half. Joe's not denying it" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I want to thank everybody who's made this forum on women and the economy possible. I thank Mika for helping moderate today and proving that on your show every morning that women really are the better half. [Applause] Joe’s not denying it. He’s not denying it.

It's certainly no surprise Obama would feel that way given Brzezinski's obvious liberal leanings.

But would Scarborough agree?

In December he told NewsBusters, "Mika does not consider it her role to be arbiter. Her role is mainly to read the news and to provide balance to me."

He also acknowledged that without him on the set, Morning Joe is extremely liberal.

So, despite the times Scarborough himself leans left, only a liberal would see Brzezinski as the stronger member of this duo.

(H/T TVNewser)

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