Kathleen Parker: Tea Party Won’t Have ‘Same Clout’ in 2012 Elections as 2010

April 1st, 2012 4:15 PM

Kathleen Parker this weekend demonstrated that even so-called “conservative” media members long for the death of the Tea Party.

On the syndicated Chris Matthews Show, the Washington Post columnist predicted, “The Tea Party’s not going to have the same clout in the 2012 election as they did in the last cycle” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

KATHLEEN PARKER: Here’s some even better news from your perspective: the Tea Party, evidence suggests that the Tea Party’s not going to have the same clout in the 2012 election as they did in the last cycle. In fact, they’re, they’ve had the greater effect of sort of making the old establishment adapt rather than overthrowing them.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Can we put out your email address for the Tea Party people? They want to react to that.

PARKER: They’ve got it.

Exactly what “evidence” suggests this?

The Republican presidential campaign up to this point has seen all candidates move to the right on their views in order to court the Tea Party vote.

Why that will change come the first Tuesday in November seems suspect.

In addition, two key issues in June will likely have a huge impact on conservative activism in the coming months.

First and foremost is the Supreme Court’s decision regarding ObamaCare. One could make the case that regardless of the ruling, the Tea Party will either feel emboldened by a reversal or angered if it’s upheld.

Also on the radar is the recall effort of Wisconsin’s Republican governor Scott Walker. Here, too, it seems conservatives will either be uplifted by him keeping his position or angered by him being tossed out.

But the Tea Party having less clout this election?

Seems like wishful thinking from a woman the Washington Post and CNN consider "conservative."