Jay Leno: Obama's Open Mic Slip With Medvedev 'Doesn't Seem That Weird to Me'

The Obama-loving media clearly weren't concerned by the President's open mic incident Monday when he told Russia's Dmitry Medvedev that he'll have "more flexibility" regarding a missile defense agreement after the elections.

Count NBC's Jay Leno in that camp as he told Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on the Tonight Show Tuesday, "That doesn’t seem that weird to me" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JAY LENO: Tell me your feeling on this open mic incident. That doesn’t seem that weird to me. You’re talking with someone and they say, “You know, when I get reelected we’ll have more flexibility.” That seems like politics as usual that some things, things that people would say, no?

Well, Jay, imagine for a moment George W. Bush had been caught on an open mic in March 2004 making the same statement to then Russian President Vladimir Putin. The press would have had a field day claiming Bush was hiding something from the American people.

But because the current White House resident is beloved by media members such as Leno, Obama promising a different stance on missile defense after Election Day "doesn't seem that weird."

Funny how that works.

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