Matthews Attacks Kids at Romney Event: 'Are They Androids?' - 'Is This North Korea?'

MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Wednesday actually attacked children at a Mitt Romney campaign event.

"Who are these featureless, young people waving those placards?" asked the Hardball host. "Are they androids?...They all are exactly in unison. Is this North Korea?" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

In the middle of the program's opening segment about Romney's victories on Super Tuesday, with pictures of a Romney event on the screen, Matthews asked guests Chuck Todd of NBC and Major Garrett of National Journal, "Who are these featureless, young people waving those placards? I mean, are they, are they androids? Who are these people that seem thrilled? Look at them. They all go up in unison. They all put their placards up at exactly the same way. They all are exactly in unison. Is this North Korea?"

Todd seemed mostly in agreement saying, "I think that’s actually a pretty good description what you said. These are the perfect kids. That’s what you get at a rally sometimes."

Matthews continued with this preposterous theme saying, "Major, he still looks like one of the figures at the Hall of the Presidents, one of those statues that are monitorized, you know, motorized. Stand up and wave. There he is with his wife. She looks normal. They turn around, they wave to a crowd of androids who all look the same. They all put their placards up at the same time. He turns around and smiles as if he’s connecting with them. And he clearly is not a human being connecting with other human beings. Look at this? Is this real?"

Fortunately, Garrett was there to lend some semblance of sanity saying, "Chris, of course it’s real. You may not like it, you may want to brand them androids, but they’re people supporting a candidate they believe in, and that’s what the Democratic process is all about. Mitt Romney does not have a backdrop problem, Chris, and don’t think that he does."

So this is where it's gone.

It's not enough for folks like Matthews and most of his colleagues to ridicule every opponent of President Obama's.

Now the attack is on those that support the current White House resident's opposition regardless of age.

It is, however, quite appropriate that Matthews asked, "Is this North Korea?"

After all, this is probably how anyone that opposed the late Kim Jong Il was ridiculed by the media he controlled.

Think about it.

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