Geist Schools Brzezinski on Koran Riots: 'Americans Wouldn’t Go in the Streets and Start Killing People'

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, in an attempt to defend President Obama’s recent apology for the accidental Koran burnings that set off riots in Afghanistan, equated his response to what a foreign leader would be required to do if his military inadvertently burned an American flag.

Morning Joe co-host Willie Geist correctly replied, “No because Americans wouldn’t go in the streets and start killing people” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

In a lengthy segement about this Koran issue, former George W. Bush foreign policy adviser Dan Senor was doing his darnedest to try to explain how they got burned and that it was not an anti-religious act but completely accidental.

This clearly infuriated Brzezinski who asked, “Is it worthy of apologizing?”

Senor listed all of the apologies given by American officials adding, “I think what puts some people off is the context in which we’re in a constant stream of apologizing in this Administration, and every other week there’s an apology for something wrong that America does.”

“What am I missing,” asked Brzezinski, “because if, for example, Willie, I’ll let you take it because I don’t want to sound too shrill, but let’s say the American flag was inadvertently burned. Would that not require an apology from another leader if the same scenario played out?”

“No,” correctly replied Geist, “because Americans wouldn’t go in the streets and start killing people. So it’s a different situation.”

“Particularly people that are trying to actually rebuild your country,” added Senor.


In reality, Brzezinski was raised by a man who subscribes to the "Blame America First" foreign policy philosophy.

Over the weekend Zbigniew once again demonstrated this by claiming he's "embarrassed as an American" for the GOP presidential candidates.

So let's not be surprised his daughter feels every dignitary in America including the president has to publicly apologize anytime some American makes a mistake anywhere in the world.

Further compounding the absurdity was that folks like Brzezinski think flag burning is a form of free speech. Exactly why would we expect a foreign leader to apologize for his people doing what our Left don't find the slightest bit offensive?

Sadly, nobody on the set mentioned this hypocrisy.

See what happens when Joe Scarborough isn't there to lend some semblance of sanity.

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