Zakaria Asks Soros if Republicans 'Want the Economy to Stay Weak in an Election Year'

As NewsBusters reported earlier, CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Sunday was in full Barack Obama campaign mode.

Before asking guest George Soros if he was going to create a Super PAC to help the current White House resident, Zakaria questioned the billionaire about whether or not Republicans "want the economy to stay weak in an election year" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

GEORGE SOROS: After the elections if the Republicans win, actually, they'll undergo miraculous transformation where they'll discover that actually it wouldn't be so bad. Therefore, we can afford to have some stimulus.

FAREED ZAKARIA, HOST: So you think Mitt Romney, if elected, would pursue a similar progress?

SOROS: I think - I'm pretty sure that would happen.

ZAKARIA: When you -

SOROS: I mean, of course, Obama would like to as well. He may find it more difficult if the Republicans continue to obstruct him.

ZAKARIA: Do you think - so in a sense you feel that some part of this Republican opposition to an additional stimulus is - is just cynical. They want the economy to stay weak in an election year.

Did you notice that Zakaria didn't ask his guest about any of the bills House Republicans have passed to stimulate the economy that have not even come up for a vote in the Democrat Senate?

I guess that wouldn't fit the agenda of trying to get Obama reelected.

Makes you wonder if any CNN executives are paying attention to the shameless campaigning by this anchor or if it bothers them in any way.

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