Kathleen Parker: National Review 'Created From an Ideological Point of View...As Opposed to Washington Post'

Those familiar with Kathleen Parker's work are well aware that this supposedly conservative columnist is a fine example of a Republican in Name Only.

On CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday, Parker proved it once again saying that the National Review "was created from an ideological point of view...As opposed to, for example, the Chicago Tribune or The Washington Post" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: It was a remarkable snap shot of the media elite. The conservative media elite, that is, rising up almost in unison against Newt Gingrich.

The banner headline on the "Drudge Report": "Insider: Gingrich repeatedly insulted Reagan," and there were links to a piece on which Bob Dole blasted his former congressional colleague.

A CNN story that Gingrich, as we noted, had admitted he was wrong in the way he ripped ABC News over that interview of his ex-wife.

Ann Coulter, one of most flamboyant commentators on the right, popped a piece headline, "Re-elect Obama, vote Newt." So, what's behind this seemingly orchestrated assault?

Joining us now here in Washington, Kathleen Parker columnist for "The Washington Post"; and Clarence Page, columnist for the "Chicago Tribune".

And, Kathleen, "The National Review", Ann Coulter, "Drudge", all unloading on Newt within a couple of days.

Was there some kind of a secret meeting here?


KATHLEEN PARKER, THE WASHINGTON POST: If there was, I was not invited, by the way. I didn't get the memo.

You know, it's interesting. I want to clarify something right out of the gate, which is that when we talk about the media or commentators, pundits, et cetera, coming after someone in an orchestrated way, these are conservative operatives, Republican Party operatives essentially. They're not journalists, and they're not representing any institutional entity, I don't think.

I think they're representing their own political views, but they have access to media. They are media creatures.

KURTZ: That include "National Review"?

PARKER: Well, "National Review" is obviously a magazine, but it was created from an ideological point of view. Right? As opposed to, for example, the "Chicago Tribune" or "The Washington Post" -- it's more traditional what we call mainstream, but I call just old school journalism entities.

Readers are reminded that Parker in 2010 admitted that she won the Pulitzer Prize for being a conservative basher.

Any questions?

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