Bob Schieffer Asks Michele Bachmann 'Has the Tea Party Made Compromise a Dirty Word?'

Despite Democrats controlling the White House and the Senate, Obama-loving media members love to blame gridlock in Washington on Republicans.

Doing his part Sunday was Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer who asked guest Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), "Has the Tea Party made compromise a dirty word, and is that why Congress can't seem to get anything done?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

SCHIEFFER: But I am interested from all of you, and this thing that Sarah Palin said yesterday about it is the Tea Party versus the Republican establishment, and I am trying to figure out, what is the Republican establishment right now, Congresswoman Bachmann. This is not Mitt Romney's father's party. This is a different party, isn't it?

BACHMANN: The party has changed so much for the better, and I think that is what we are all thrilled about, because the Tea Party has infused the energy and the excitement and really is bringing the Republican Party back to its basic values, which is limited government, cutting spending, being smart and making the government more efficient.

That's what the Tea Party has done. The Tea Party is not about Washington. The Tea Party is a lot more about the Constitution, a limited government, growth and opportunities. And that is exciting, and again, this is a very small day-by-day process that we are looking at. And every day the media is looking for a new story.

But at the end of the day, what we absolutely know, it doesn't matter which wing of the party it is, we are united in purpose that we will make Barack Obama a one-termer.

SCHIEFFER: Well, I want to ask you, though, that is a very interesting take, but has the Tea Party made compromise a dirty word, and is that why Congress can't seem to get anything done?

BACHMANN: Not at all, no. The Tea Party is trying to make sure that we hold on to our core principles and values. The Tea Party has been only a force for good in Washington, D.C., because otherwise we continue to go farther and farther to the left, which is redistribution of wealth. That is why Obama will be a one-termer, because all he has been about is redistribution of wealth and the rise of socialist principles, and the Tea Party rejects that.

Something else to consider is that if the Tea Party is responsible for all the gridlock in Washington, why has it now been more than 1,000 days since the Democrats proposed a budget?

For some reason, this doesn't bother media members supposedly concerned about Congress doing its job.

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