Andrew Sullivan Says He Had An Orgasm When Sarah Palin Tweeted About His Newsweek Article

As NewsBusters reported Tuesday, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was quite displeased to find out that Trig Truther Andrew Sullivan actually had an article published on the cover of Newsweek with the headline "Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?"

During an online chat about the piece Tuesday, Sullivan told participants that he had an orgasm when he saw Palin's tweet (vulgarity warning):

Comment From Mike D: Palin called you a "conspiracy kook" and blasted Newsweek for allowing you a cover. Do you ever worry that your more controversial views will overshadow your other writing?

Andrew : No. Palin's tweet made me come in my pants. I write what I think is true. I don't give a damn about "reputation." If I'm wrong I correct or re-think. Once a writer worries about these things, he's like an actor watching the audience. In my opinion, far too many journalists worry about their reputation.

That wasn't his only vulgarity during the chat. He dropped at least two f-bombs.

Classy guy representing Newsweek, dontcha think?

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