Joe Scarborough Nails Donny Deutsch for Blindly Supporting Obama in 2008

When you think about it, Obama-loving media members have a lot of gall accusing the current Republican presidential candidates of being unqualified for the job.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Friday nicely pointed this out to the Obama-supporting Donny Deutsch after he asked why "a strong, competent human being out of a country of 300 million people" isn't amongst the current crop of GOP candidates (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

This lead Scarborough to say, "Could we ask the same about who the Democrats gave us four years ago?" He continued, "Is that really as good as it gets - a guy who doesn't know how to run Washington, D.C.?"

Deutsch responded, "At the time you went 'Wow, here is a special guy.'"

"Well, then you were blind," said Scarborough. "If you thought that he was going to be prepared for President of the United States, your ideology - let me finish, because we always hear this as Republicans around this table, and we talk about it nonstop about how the Republicans are disconnected from reality - if you believed four years ago that this guy was ready to be President of the United States, then Donny Deutsch, you allowed your ideology to suspend your belief. You suspended belief."

Actually, I think Scarborough wanted to say suspended disbelief much as then Senator Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) told Gen. David Petraeus during a hearing years back.

Regardless, Deutsch responded by saying, "What I believed, and I was wrong, I believed that the overall gestalt about the way he was going to get this country to feel."

This resulted in everyone on camera laughing in Deutsch's face - a marvelous moment onto itself which really does explain the overall liberal philosophy in 2008.

As Deutsch exemplified, folks in the media fell in love with an idea and weren't at all concerned with the qualifications, ability, or track record of the person offering it.

That ordinary citizens fell for this is one thing; that virtually all press members bought the snake oil and succumbed to the obvious salesmanship is what's truly disturbing.

Years later during the ensuing election cycle for any of them to have the nerve to criticize the qualifications of any of the GOP candidates without first apologizing for ignoring such an examination back then is the height of gall.

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