Ann Coulter Talks to NewsBusters About Media Coverage of Cain Allegations and Occupy Wall Street

Treasured friend of the Media Research Center's and NewsBusters favorite Ann Coulter did an absolutely scintillating telephone interview with us on Thursday.

The primary topics of discussion were the media's coverage of the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations as well as how they've been reporting Occupy Wall Street protests around the country (video follows with transcript):


NEWSBUSTERS: I am pleased to be talking today with best-selling author Ann Coulter whose book “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America” has taken the country by storm just of course as all of her books do. Welcome, Ann.

ANN COULTER: Good to be here, Noel.

NEWSBUSTERS: Thank you. You’re doing a book signing for “Demonic” at the National Press Club next Tuesday. That’s an interesting event between 5:30 and 8:30, right?

COULTER: Yes. Yes, they have lots of authors there. You can get all kinds of Christmas presents, liberals and conservatives. And I don’t know exactly how it works, but you get in and go around and go straight up to all the authors and get them to sign the book.

NEWSBUSTERS: Beautiful, and of course you want all of the NewsBusters fans in the metro area to be showing up and saying hello, correct?

COULTER: Yes I do.

NEWSBUSTERS: Good, and now are you going to have any tchotchkes for them, or cookies, or anything?

COULTER: [Laughs] I’m not in charge of cookies. There may be something like that from National Press Club. I’m not really sure.

NEWSBUSTERS: Maybe Hillary Clinton will bring some cookies.



COULTER: Yeah, I’d like that.

NEWSBUSTERS: Okay, well what I wanted to accomplish today is I wanted to talk to you about the media’s handling of the Herman Cain allegations of course and Occupy Wall Street. You know, you’ve done so many interviews on this that I’m hoping that we’re going to touch on things that you haven’t discussed with other conservative talkers yet.

COULTER: Yes, I will try to do that. One thing I will say is I have not reviewed NewsBusters coverage. It really has been magnificent, and I’m starting to hear it every place. Thank you NewsBusters…

NEWSBUSTERS: Well, thank you, Ann.

COULTER: …for counting up the number of stories Politico and MSNBC have done on nonexistent anonymous allegations on Herman Cain compared to their, you know, deep and meaningful coverage of Rev. Wright and Solyndra and so on and so forth.

NEWSBUSTERS: Well, you know, when you first saw this on Sunday night a couple of Sundays ago before you went on with Geraldo, just from a journalistic perspective, not as a conservative, not as someone who potentially knows Herman, likes Herman Cain, but just as a journalist, what were your initial thoughts about the quality of the journalism on display?

COULTER: Well, it will not surprise you to hear pretty poor . I mean, people kept complaining in that first week that Herman Cain wasn’t responding properly. I don’t know exactly what he’s supposed to respond to. We don’t have names. We don’t have incidents. What we had was inappropriate remarks. And also I was fairly familiar with the sexual harassment cases in the ’90s. My law firm, at the time a public interest law firm, Center for Individual Rights, had defended a lot of cases. A professor, you know, who says something like describing a simile I think he said, “The belly dancer’s stomach is like Jell-O on a plate on a vibrator.” Something to that effect. Perhaps I’m not capturing the full rhetorical point here. But anyway, this was said to a large lecture class, and he gets brought up on charges of sexual harassment. So we were often defending sexual harassment speech cases as a first amendment matter, at least if it was at a state university, for example. And it was stunning back then how little constituted sexual harassment under the hostile environment paradigm, which are about 95 percent or were, certainly back then, about 95 percent of the sexual harassment cases. So, just straight out of the chute, probably one out of every ten men who had a job in the ’90s was accused of sexual harassment. They’re very expensive cases to litigate. The plaintiffs will get attorneys’ fees, your own attorneys have to get paid, and it will take forever. You have to go, you know, to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission first. They take forever. They’re incredibly expensive these cases. In the first eight months of the Paula Jones case, Bill Clinton had spent $5 million. Now, of course, in that case he was guilty, so it was a good idea. He probably could just dig his heals in and defend it. But a lot of these cases got settled, so the accusation itself, I mean, as I said in a recent column was like being accused of being a witch in Massachusetts in 1690. So given that anyone could be called a witch I do find it and I did find it highly suspicious that the two prominent conservative politicians called witches were both conservative black men.

NEWSBUSTERS: Well, it’s funny you bring up the ’90s because I was a bank manager at the time.

COULTER: Were you accused of sexual harassment? [Laughs]

NEWSBUSTERS: No, but what was interesting is all of the managers had to go through, the male managers had to go through sensitivity training to know when they were sexually harassing someone.

COULTER: [Laughs]

NEWSBUSTERS: So one of the guidelines was, or one of the potential complaints would be if you were undressing a woman with your eyes.

COULTER: [Laughs]

NEWSBUSTERS: Now, I raised my hand and I said, “Well, how does a woman know when I’m undressing her with my eyes?” That’s how subjective this was.

COULTER: [Laughs] Yeah, if you knew that, you wouldn’t do it that way.


COULTER: [Laughs]

NEWSBUSTERS: Yeah, this stuff was so bizarre.

COULTER: Yeah, I was at a law firm and, well a few law firms in the ’90s and, the, I don’t think I ever had to attend one of these seminars. Maybe it was something only men had to go to.


COULTER: But one of the things was that you couldn’t comment on a person’s dress.


COULTER: And as soon as the male associates would come out of the sexual harassment training for, you know, for the rest of the day they’d be complimenting one another’s ties and so on. So it wasn’t taken very seriously, but it was by the attorneys defending them. In any event, there wasn’t much meat to these allegations in Politico other than the fact that as the story admitted, it was not groping, it was not quid pro quo, what most people common sensically imagine sexual harassment to be. It was language deemed inappropriate. And we don’t know much more now. Now we at least have two named accusers. One, the Karen Kraushaar I guess her name is…


COULTER: Curiously, you know, she takes her payout from the National Restaurant Association , goes straight to some government agency, and again, weirdly, is subjected to a hostile environment and sues for sexual harassment.

NEWSBUSTERS: Well didn’t you find…

COULTER: I mean, that right there is going to raise suspicions in a lot of people’s minds. Either she’s very unlucky or it’s her looking for a quick and easy payout.

NEWSBUSTERS: Well didn’t you find at your law firm that these were typically serial sexual harassees, meaning that the women that were making the complaints, it wasn’t just one complaint. They seemed to find that all men were sexually harassing them.

COULTER: Yes. Yes, it’s a very good way to, especially if you’ve just been fired…


COULTER: …as I believe Kraushaar was, though I get the anonymous, the anonymous claims of anonymous accusers and actual named accusers a little confused here. And then of course the second accuser that was defended by Gloria Allred, and there’s not much that gives more credibility to your claim than being defended by Gloria Allred.


COULTER: Bialek is just, you know, a complete mess from beginning to end. She’s already filed for personal bankruptcy twice. She has, you know, all of these, these running up debts with the state tax authorities, the federal tax authorities, with credit card companies, custody disputes with one ex-husband, a son from a prior relationship, and Herman Cain said he’s never met her, and said it quite forcefully. And I am highly suspicious of her claims because again she’s out of Chicago, one of the, one of the few places Herman Cain has never lived. You know, he’s had a 40 year career, and it’s very weird that the only times he’s alleged to have been this wild sexual predator was during his three years at the National Restaurant Association with claims that keep going back to Chicago, a city he never lived in.

NEWSBUSTERS: Yeah, I mean, you wrote about that in your article yesterday in great detail. And for folks that haven’t seen it, it’s called, “David Axelrod’s Pattern of Sexual Misbehavior.” I mean, it’s actually, what you did in that piece that was spectacular is you tied in all of the connections to conceivably David Axelrod. Now you believe as I do that conceivably the hit here and the media participation in the hit is not necessarily to prevent Herman Cain from being the nominee. It’s more to prevent him from being the potential vice presidential nominee.

COULTER: Yes, and more than that, not to have a prominent speaking role at the Republican National Convention. Not to be out there campaigning for Romney whom I think the nominee’s going to be. Not to be a part of Romney’s cabinet, because they want, they want to be able to preserve their only argument to defend Obama which is if you oppose Obama, you must be a racist.


COULTER: Well now we have this extremely conservative black man, and an American black, not the son of a Kenyan. And the reason I mention that is the reason, you know, that everybody has such warm feelings about “Oh, the first black president, the first black president, who thought we’d ever see it here” is because of the history of the way blacks were treated in America. Not in Kenya, but in America. Americans I might add who were also known as Democrats. Slavery, the Jim Crow laws, all done by Democrats to American blacks. I do think we owe American blacks something, though I’m against state sponsored race discrimination. Herman Cain is part of that tradition. His ancestors were discriminated against. Clarence Thomas, same thing. Both of them full American blacks. Not some half-black son of a Kenyan who was raised by white people in Hawaii and went to fancy private schools. Herman Cain is such a threat to the whole Obama image and the argument “You must be a racist if don’t support Obama.” So they really need to destroy Herman Cain in addition to the fact – I mean, I think that’s the main goal – in addition to the fact that it’s just a way of screwing with the Republicans, to get the Republicans infighting, and did Rick Perry’s campaign leak this to Politico? And then they ask Mitt Romney what he thinks about this. And you know the other Republicans are totally put on the spot when they’re asked about this because they don’t want to be making light of genuine sexual harassment, something you will not generally find conservatives doing. We don’t need rules because, you know, we have big rules that come from G-d. But obviously that’s something genuine conservatives genuinely oppose when it is real sexual harassment. But on the other hand, they can’t attack Herman Cain who’s out there screaming from the rooftops, “I never sexually harassed anybody.” So it’s a way of screwing up the Republican primary and possibly taking out the biggest threat to the Obama reelection – a real conservative black.

NEWSBUSTERS: Well, let me throw a couple of hypotheticals at you to really expose just how absurd the media hypocrisy and bias was in this instance. Let’s assume for a second that Obama was a Republican president and Cain was the white Democratic frontrunner for the nomination. Would Politico have published this piece?

COULTER: [Laughs] No, no, no, no, no!


COULTER: I mean, as I mentioned on Geraldo that night, that was a breaking news story as we were going on air two Sundays ago I guess. And, I think I mentioned this on the air, Stuart Taylor, the liberal but very smart and honest legal reporter for I think it’s National Journal, wrote an article about nine months into, after Paula Jones announced her charges against Bill Clinton. And she only did so because the American Spectator in that famous article by David Brock had described a big-haired woman named, I think that’s what he said, but definitely a woman named Paula who was brought up to Clinton’s hotel room, and when she came out she asks if she can be Clinton’s girlfriend or something. But the implication was that Paula had actually engaged in some sort of sexual relationship in that hotel room with Bill Clinton, and when she got back to Little Rock, she was living in California at the time, when she got back to Little Rock, Roanoke, where she’s from in Arkansas’s a small town, everyone was talking about it. They knew who the Paula was, and so that’s why she held a press conference saying, “Yes, he invited me up to his hotel room, but no I didn’t engage in sexual relations with him, and I want an apology now.” For nine months, she was ridiculed and attacked. It was not reported in the media. Here we have a named accuser. We have an actual person, not an anonymous file from an HR report. And yet the media totally bad-mouthed her while she had far more substantiating information than certainly Politico or say for example Anita Hill.

NEWSBUSTERS: Well, and one of the other things I found fascinating is when Sharon Bielak and Gloria go in front of the press on whether it’s Monday or Tuesday, she’s got her nice little script, which she exclusively reads, and the press are not allowed to ask her any questions. So, if we actually had journalists left in America, shouldn’t journalists be skeptical when an accuser comes forward with her attorney, reads a prepared statement, and doesn’t answer any questions? Shouldn’t that, you know, raise some level of skepticism?

COULTER: Yes, I think so, and even more than that when we don’t have a name for the accuser. I mean, that’s what’s so astonishing about the Politico story. There’s no story there.


COULTER: If we don’t have the names, much less specific allegations – inappropriate language that made me feel uncomfortable – there’s absolutely no story. And we see why it’s relevant to know the names of these people since we have discovered only in the last two days the names of two of them. The first one, this woman out of Chicago, comes forward and we find out her friends and acquaintances instantly, I mean, within 24 hours, “Oh, this woman is a mess. She’s a total gold-digger. She’s always in financial trouble. She’s filed for bankruptcy repeatedly.” And we find out that she lived in David Axelrod’s building, a man with his own history of producing illegally obtained, you know, salacious allegations that have been made against opponents of Obama. And the second woman we find out that the next job she has she, oh, suddenly is subjected to yet another sexual harassment situation, which, again, I mean, how many people, how many people have been a victim of real – I mean there’s real sexual harassment – how many people have been a victim of sexual harassment once? Twice?

NEWSBUSTERS: Well, the other thing I thought was interesting that you mentioned in your article Wednesday was that Cain is at the NRA for three years. He’s got 42 some odd years of professional experience at a variety of different entities, but yet the only place where he’s been accused of sexual harassment is at the NRA, nowhere else.


NEWSBUSTERS: Now, I mean, if you are someone who sexually harasses people, you probably do it at all of the various places where you work.


NEWSBUSTERS: Not just one. Okay, let me throw another hypothetical at you. Let’s assume that again Obama is the Republican, Cain is the black Democratic frontrunner. Okay? And a conservative publication like the Washington Times breaks exactly the same story. What do the media do?

COULTER: I have a pretty good idea that it would be called racism.

NEWSBUSTERS: I think so.

COULTER: I mean, it’s weird, they’ve sort of immunized themselves when they, when liberals actually engage in real racism because they call everything racism.


COULTER: I was emailing with a friend a few days after I wrote last week’s column and saying, you know, they’ll say the word “the” is racist. And then an hour later I emailed him and said, “Wait a second. That’s from my column. They did call the word ‘the’ racist.” And that was when Donald Trump said, “I have a great relationship with the blacks.” Apparently it’s racist to say “The blacks.” They have called it racist, remember when that, well you’ll know this as NewsBusters here. Remember when some reporter, was it Reuters I think, reported accurately what Obama said to a black audience about “stop your grumblin’, stop your complainin’.” But because he was saying it in a way that dropped the Gs, for the reporter to report that accurately by dropping the Gs was considered racist.

NEWSBUSTERS: Yeah. Well, okay, here’s another hypothetical. Once again, we’ve got Obama as the black Republican president, Cain’s the Democrat frontrunner. How would the media be treating his female accusers?

COULTER: [Laughs] Oh, wow. Oh, wow. The things that were done. The two times I hate the media the most are when they go after those, those, the bimbo eruptions, as the Clinton campaign called them. I mean, these women had not injected them into, themselves into the public spotlight, into public figuredom. They were often weak, not overly educated, didn’t have powerful lawyers or families or connections behind them, and the way Paula Jones and Linda Tripp, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broadrrick. The way, actually, Juanita Broaddrick they didn’t really drag through the mud only because they didn’t want anyone to know her name. But the other ones, the way they were treated is just absolutely shameful, and the only thing I’d put that on a par with is how liberals treat conservative blacks.


COULTER: Which is why I have so much admiration for them. Anything, liberals aren’t wild about me. Anything I go through doesn’t compare to the way liberals treat conservative blacks. It ruins their story.

NEWSBUSTERS: Well, last question on Cain and we’ll move on. After Perry’s big gaffe yesterday, how long do you think the media will stick with that and give Cain a break? Maybe only a day or two?

COULTER: I must say, I really think, yeah, probably only about a day because they would love to have Cain be the nominee. They would abso, Cain, what am I saying. Perry. They would love Perry to be the nominee, so I don’t think they want to have their fun. Comedy shows will do it, but that’s, that’s a five minute story because they don’t want to hurt Perry. Oh what they wouldn’t give to run against Perry, to run against Gingrich. They need to knock out Cain, they need to knock out Romney, and I don’t think they’re going to. It’s really, it’s interesting, it’s interesting and wonderful how little the attacks on Cain have done to the public’s impression of him. People aren’t falling for it. They aren’t believing it. It shows you the power of the alternative media as much as, perhaps than, what was it, Pajamas Media, Powerline I guess exposing Dan Rather’s dummied up National Guard documents against George Bush. And, you know, various other times Americans have become aware of that they cannot trust the mainstream media stories. Here we don’t have much of a counter story yet other than Cain screaming from the rooftops, “I never sexually harassed anyone.” And people just look at the mainstream media and say, “Screw you, I don’t believe it.”

NEWSBUSTERS: Yep. Yep. Okay, let’s move on to Occupy Wall Street because let’s face it, you must have really loved, I mean, even though you have to despise this movement, you must have really loved the fact roughly two or three months after you publish a book about the liberal mob, one arises in the nation all around the country. Did you set this up somehow? Because it’s really good publicity for your book.

COULTER: I do have an excellent publicist. I don’t know how she arranged it, but I really must thank her for it. No, it’s quite amazing. I mean, I knew a mob would rise again. You get little, little, little mobs rising up. For example, every Republican, every presidential election. We’ll have one at the Republican National Convention. There will be a liberal mob at the Democratic National Convention. There always is. But a big mob movement like this, and so beautifully acting out everything I say about mobs in my book, starting with the title, "Demonic," they really, they’re straight out of, they’re straight out of scripture on what a demon is like. One of the more, one of the computer generated programs actually said, “The voice of the people is the voice of anonymous. Our name is legion, for we are many.” Straight from the Bible. Liberals get mad at the names I give them like "demonic" and then they seem to be going to my book to figure out how to be demonic. Now, they hate without cause they’re utterly irrational, and look at who they are benefitting – the Democrats. You have Democrats leaping out to defend them.

NEWSBUSTERS: Well, were you surprised by how quickly the media fell in love with this movement especially given how they bashed the Tea Party since its inception?

COULTER: Yes! Yes! I really, it’s a talent I have to be continuously be surprised at the perfidy of the media. After three years of calling the Tea Partiers a mob, and it’s actually a very lucky time for this mob to arise so that there’s a very clear distinction in the American way of petitioning the government – that is the Tea Party – and the liberal way of mob action that leads to chaos and liberal policies. Sometimes to totalitarianism and dictatorship. This is not the American way. The way the Tea Partiers did it was the American way. And yet Democrats and the media talked about the Tea Partiers as if they were what Occupy Wall Street is now.

NEWSBUSTERS: Well, and what I find fascinating here is that like you said, for two, three years, they beat up on the Tea Party. Along comes this movement that’s a leftwing movement. They immediately jump on it. Don’t they see the hypocrisy in that, or are they such great shills that they either don’t care or don’t think the public will see the hypocrisy?

COULTER: I suspect, though I would like to check with the expert on this, like Brent Bozell, I suspect it’s just a matter of habit at this point. They are so used to a world in which, you know, what Walter Cronkite says is what America believes, and there are three TV stations, and you have, you know, the last episode of “Dallas.” Wasn’t that the name of that TV show? I never saw it. But anyway, one third of the country is watching. That doesn’t happen anymore. They don’t have that power anymore. People are getting the truth mostly on the internet. They go and read what they want to read. I mean, the fact that something like the top, the top-rated, you know, ten TV shows, thirteen TV shows this year were all football. It wasn’t even “Two and a Half Men.” It certainly wasn’t the CBS Evening News. They just don’t have the power anymore, but they act as if they do. They seem unaware that the internet exists.

NEWSBUSTERS: Hmmm. Interesting. Interesting. Well, as I’m sure you’ve seen, there are some really ugly things beginning to happen at these Occupy events around the country. We’ve had rapes, we’ve had muggings, we have drug use.

COULTER: TB, head lice.

NEWSBUSTERS: All kinds of things. So, will the media ever report any of this, or are they now all secretly hoping that winter comes and this disbands so they never have to report anything bad?

COULTER: Oh, that’s a good question. Well, I kind of think it’s in their hands because I think winter will have less to do with the Occupy crowd disappearing than the absence of media attention. I mean, perhaps I’m wrong, but what do they care if it’s winter? Half of them are homeless anyway. They’re teenaged runaways. You have the Young Spartacus League. They don’t want to go home and be harangued by the old lady in the teepee or the yurt. I think when they stop getting media attention, and perhaps combined with a little cold weather, or maybe a few more TB or head lice outbreaks. We’ve had several drug overdoses including one girl who died I think in Occupy Vancouver earlier this week. It really, nothing good comes from a mob. They are always demonic. Fortunately America is a strong enough country. And fortunately the media doesn’t, does not hold the sway over public opinion that it once did. I don’t think this will lead to anything. I mean, we’ll see. You never know with a mob, but I don’t think this will lead to anything as drastic and unpleasant as the Weathermen or the SDS, much less.

NEWSBUSTERS: But don’t you think at some point the mayors around the country as the violence gets worse, as all of the activity gets more and more illegal that they’re going to have to eventually force these folks out of these parks, and at that point it seems like it’s going to get more violent, and how are the media going to react then? Are the media going to behave like Michael Moore and say it’s a police state and blame it all on the police?

COULTER: The mainstream media I have no doubt will do that. However, we have, you know, all these young right-wingers with flip cams showing up at the Occupy protests telling the truth about what’s happening. And even when we didn’t have the media, Americans are a law-abiding people. They do not like chaos. Sometimes liberals have been able to take advantage of that aversion to chaos by imposing leftwing policies and more government control. “You need us. You need us to protect you from chaos. We must have a massive welfare state. We must have massive racial discrimination to stop all this.” But, but now, especially with the alternative media, Americans will be relieved. There is always been that silent majority, and we’re a lot less silent now that we have the internet.

NEWSBUSTERS: Well, the other side of this is of course the media have been assisting this movement in growing. If the media had ignored it at the beginning it probably wouldn’t have gone around the country. Is this typical for liberal mobs either here or around the world that there’s typically a press element that assists them in expanding the movement?

COULTER: Oh yes. The Jacobins were made up of journalists and lawyers. Sound familiar? The Democratic Party. The Jacobins were the ones who led the French Revolution, and it was not the poor starving peasants as you would believe from reading Charles Dickens “A Tale of Two Cities,” although there’s a lot of great elements of “A Tale of Two Cities.” It was not even as justified as Charles Dickens described, which was not terribly justified considering the violence he then went on to describe. It was, it was a lot of envy. You had the King’s cousin Philippe who changed his name to Philippe Egalite and voted for the King’s decapitation. Of course, he was then decapitated too himself, something liberals ought to keep in mind with this mob technique they have. Often the leaders of the mob end up getting the ax themselves, as did Maximilien Robespierre, the real leader I suppose more than any other of the French Revolution, and the Jacobins were the most radical sect. It was a little like probably the way we think of MSNBC today - just a group of leftwing loons stirring up trouble.

NEWSBUSTERS: And they had a press component?

COULTER: Oh yes, yes. Most of, most of the Jacobins were, and most of the French Revolutionaries, the ones leading the crowd, they were journalists and lawyers.

NEWSBUSTERS: Oh, that’s great. Okay, now I’m going to ask you a question that’s guaranteed to anger every liberal in America and that’s why you’re going to love it.

COULTER: Excellent.

NEWSBUSTERS: Do you believe as I do that Barack Obama actually incited this movement by for over a year pointing fingers at the wealthy in this country as not paying their fair share and basically depicting the most successful amongst us as being greedy crooks responsible for all the problems in the country?

COULTER: Yes. I think that does, the things Obama says do have an effect on the most weak-minded members of society, and that’s what we seem to be seeing a fair portion of at Occupy, at the Occupy rallies. Though again, half of them at the Occupy rallies are teenaged runaways and teenagers looking for a cause. You could get them out there protesting, you know, not enough sunny days as long as they got the tent camped out in a nice warm park and got to smoke pot. But of the ones who actually can talk they’re probably, this is funny, they’re all the ones you don’t want talking if you’re trying to defend Occupy Wall Street. They’re the ones who leap forward with a long list of requirements that are quite embarrassing for a sane person.

NEWSBUSTERS: Well, other than obviously the Civil War which was a completely different matter, is this the first time in American history where a sitting president has actually incited a protest movement against a portion of his own people?

COULTER: Hmmm. It would seem to be. I’m thinking.

NEWSBUSTERS: I mean, honestly, and if you think about it from that perspective, shouldn’t this actually be a rather large media issue? Why are the media ignoring this? Immediately they talked about how is Obama going to use this. But instead, what they should have been talking about, especially as it moves towards a violent state…

COULTER: Right, how did Obama inspire that?

NEWSBUSTERS: How did Obama inspire it, and has an American president ever done this before?

COULTER: I’m trying to think of historic parallels and, there has to, I guess I should work backwards from when have there been mob movements like this. I mean, I guess the big ones were SDS and the Weathermen. Certainly you could say not a president but it was other irresponsible adults, a lot of university officials backing down. And you know, when the radicals went into the colleges became the professors they agreed with the students’ goals - as they’re burning down student buildings and fighting with cops. But, but a president doing that?

NEWSBUSTERS: A president doing that. It conceivably is the first time in our history, and that might really be the story here that our media are missing.

COULTER: Yeah, I like that. That’s a very good point, Noel.

NEWSBUSTERS: Okay, now assuming this all goes badly, will Obama, the Democrats and the media get any of the blame for having supported the movement, or will they figure out a way to blame it all on the rich?

COULTER: It’ll be both the fault of the rich and the cops. And those poor shop owners.

NEWSBUSTERS: Those poor shop owners. Yeah. By the way, you had to like, I know you don’t like Newt all that much, but you had to like his answer concerning, you know, how the media are misreporting the economy and what not, and how wouldn’t it be nice if some reporter went down to Occupy Wall Street and said, “How are you folks going to continue to stay here if these shop owners can’t sell anything?”

COULTER: [Laughs] Yes, that’s true. That’s good.

NEWSBUSTERS: Okay, so, we’re coming to a close here. Assuming this does all up end up going badly and getting even worse with more violence, do you see it having any impact at all on next year’s elections?

COULTER: I’m thinking. Sorry for the long pause there. You know, maybe I’m just too much of a sunny optimist, but I think if anything it is not going to help the Democrats, that Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and others who instantly threw their lot in with these raggedy degenerates who are causing nothing but chaos and are not engaging in legitimate political activity. And all of the celebrity supporters of Obama - Alec Baldwin and Michael Moore - they’re all down with the Occupy crowd because, you know, they are so with the 99 percent. And if anything I think it will energize the silent majority. I mean, there is a large portion of Americans, which always seems weird to people like you and me and anyone who reads NewsBusters, who just do not pay attention to politics. They do not pay attention to current events. And many of them vote, and something like this can influence people like that. It’s a big enough story and it’s kind of ugly and disturbing enough that people are going to think, “You know, I don’t like this anymore. I don’t want these head lice rapists blocking me from getting to my local Starbucks anymore.” And which Party is supporting them?

NEWSBUSTERS: Interesting. Before I let you go, any other thoughts you have for our readers concerning either the Occupy movement or Herman Cain or anything that you haven’t shared with anybody that you want to let NewsBusters scoop?

COULTER: [Laughs] I never really realize whenever anything I say is considered a scoop. It always seems so obvious to me. I suppose just that, you know, keep your powder dry when it comes to mobs. It’s seems like, I could certainly say it seems like to me the Occupy crowd is just, is not being taking seriously and in fact is held in contempt by most Americans. Yet and still, mob movements can be a lot of trouble. They certainly have been historically. So keep your eye on this.

NEWSBUSTERS: Great, well Ann, we thank you very, very much for taking time out to talk to us today, and I'm going to remind all of the NewsBusters readers again, you’re going to be at the National Press Club between 5:30 and 8:30 PM next Tuesday the 15th. Go out and say hello to Ann, she’d love to see you.

COULTER: Yes, absolutely, and get some Christmas gifts. This is probably the last book signing I’m doing before Christmas.

NEWSBUSTERS: Great. Well Ann, thank you very, very much for your time.

COULTER: Great to talk to you, Noel.

NEWSBUSTERS: Alright. See you.

We encourage all NewsBusters readers living in the Metro area to join Ann at the National Press Club's Book Fair and Authors' Night on Tuesday, November 15, from 5:30 to 8:30PM. She'd love to see you.

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