Networks Run More Cain 'Scandal' Stories in a Week Than They Did Obama's Ties to Ayers, Rezko or Wright

As NewsBusters reported Monday, the broadcast network news outlets of ABC, CBS and NBC ran a total of 84 stories on the sexual harassment allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in the week following Politico publishing its hit piece.

That is more coverage than they gave to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's connections to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, convicted real estate developer Tony Rezko, or America-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright throughout the entire campaign.

According to LexisNexis, from February 2007 when Obama announced his candidacy to Election Day 2008, ABC ran 20 stories on Ayers, CBS did thirteen, and NBC aired 8 for a total of 41.

On Rezko, the numbers were ABC 22, and CBS and NBC both doing nine for a total of 40.

As for Wright, NBC did 31, ABC 27, and CBS 24 for a total of 82.

Add it all up, and none of Obama's scandals in over 20 months garned the attention from the networks that Cain's did in one week.

With this new allegation, it seems a metaphysical certitude that the networks' coverage of the Cain "scandal" will soon surpass their combined reports of all three of Obama's.

Exactly how do the heads of these news outlets explain this glaring disparity in coverage?

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