South Park: Obama's Made America So Bad Mexicans Are All Going Back Home

Comedy Central's cartoon hit South Park made quite a political statement Wednesday evening.

In an episode called "The Last of the Meheecans," Cartman becomes a border patrol agent only to discover that not only aren't Mexicans trying to cross over into the United States anymore, Obama has made America "so sh-tty" they're all going back home (videos follow with commentary, vulgarity warning):

The story begins with the kids of South Park playing a game to prevent Mexicans from coming over the border, but what they don't know is that things have gotten so bad here, illegal immigrants are all going back to their native lands.

Border patrol agents are shown watching hundreds of people heading south into Mexico as one yells to them "You're going the wrong way."

This leads to a news report with the announcer saying, "Mexicans are realizing it actually is starting to suck more here in the U.S."

Later, a bored border patrol agent complains, "When we asked Obama to stop illegal immigrants, we didn't mean to make the U.S. so sh-tty they wouldn't want to come anymore."

Maybe some of them have joined the Occupy Wall Street movement.


(H/T my dear friend at Ms. Underestimated)

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