Newsweek Puts Picture of Michele Bachmann on Cover That Makes Her Look Crazy

The August 15 issue of Newsweek has a cover story about Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.).

If Gawker is right, she's not going to like the picture the magazine used:

Congresswoman and Republican presidential candidate/shoo-in Michele Bachmann's made the cover of the latest Cosmo Newsweek—an honor that comes with a new if not entirely original nickname ("the Queen of Rage") and complimentary #QueenOfRage Twitter hashtag. Too bad the photographer startled her like that, eh?

Ha ha, just kidding—they don't call her CrazyEyes for nothing.

The Village Voice is also reporting this Sunday.

Exactly what were the editors thinking putting this kind of a picture of a sitting Congresswoman and presidential candidate on their cover?

*****Update: This is accurate. Newsweek tweeted this picture to its followers Sunday morning.

*****Update II: Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin, and Ed Morrissey weigh in with justifiable outrage.

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