Schultz: Boehner Is a Lazy, Short-Fused Liar Who's 'More Comfortable On a Bar Stool'

You can tell conservatives are winning the debt ceiling battle by how rabid the commentators on MSNBC are getting.

On Tuesday's "Ed Show," the host told his audience that House Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.) "lied about President Obama," "ain't real deep," has a "short fuse," is "lazy," and is "a heck of a lot more comfortable on a bar stool" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Boehner held a House Republican caucus meeting twelve hours after he lied about President Obama in front of a national audience. Last night Boehner said something that really caught my attention and the attention of "The Ed Show" audience. Take a look.


HOUSE SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER (R-OHIO): The sad truth is that the President wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. This is just not going to happen.


SCHULTZ: Boehner took the same garbage to the real leader of the Republican Party today.


RUSH LIMBAUGH: What happens when we get to next April when this new trillion dollar line of credit that's being added expires and we're right back where we are today?

BOEHNER: Well, that's -- that's -- that's the point the president's making. That’s why he wants a $2.4 trillion blank check today that lets him continue his spending spree.


SCHULTZ: Boehner using the Drugster to corral the radical Tea Party element of his caucus? Well, it's not working.


CONGRESSWOMAN MICHELE BACHMANN (R-MINNESOTA): This Republican will not vote to raise the debt ceiling.


SCHULTZ: Amen to that. And this hour, the Tan Man doesn't have the votes to get the bill through the House and the President has threatened to veto Boehner’s plan, if it ever reaches his desk. Tonight, Boehner’s plan is on the cutting room floor after the CBO score scored it and showed it cut just $50 billion less than advertised. Once again, they can't add and subtract. The debate is showing Americans just who John Boehner really is. You see, the dude, he ain't real deep. In fact, he's got a short fuse, he doesn't like working very hard, and the Tan Man is a heck of a lot more comfortable on a bar stool or with a five iron in his hand. He's lazy.


Can you imagine what Schultz will be saying about the Republican nominee for president next year?

It likely won't be suitable for children.

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