Bill Maher Calls Palin and Bachmann MILFs on CNN

Bill Maher can't go an hour without saying something disgusting about Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

On CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" Monday, the misogynistic comedian said that he hopes the former Alaska governor gets into the presidential race "so that they split the MILF vote" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: If you had a choice, gun to your head, which one is it? Palin or Bachmann?

BILL MAHER: I would need a gun to my head. I hope Sarah Palin gets in so that they split the MILF vote.

For those needing a translation, MILF stands for "Mom I'D Like To F--k."

Classy guy, isn't he? And, of course, Morgan thought this was hysterical.

More importantly, MSNBC indefinitely suspended Mark Halperin last month for calling President Obama a d--k. Isn't this worse, or is all fair when it's directed at a conservative woman?

Whatever the answer, Maher wasn't done:

MAHER: But I guess Bachmann, I don't know. Who could say? Because, at least she's somebody who can read. You know, she has a job. She was a lawyer. She’s in Congress. She's not someone who just sits there and reads the prayers on her Blackberry like Sarah Palin. I mean, you know, we're splitting hairs here.

MORGAN: Could Sarah Palin become president? Is it possible in the current climate?

MAHER: Absolutely. Yes. People who say this one is a joke, or this one is a joke. I remember when I was twelve years old in 1968 and Ronald Reagan was first considering running for president, and I remember what a joke that was. Ronald Reagan? You mean the "Bedtime for Bonzo" guy? Well, I think he did become president. Yes, absolutely, because if she could get the nomination, and anything can happen with, I mean, this Republican Party is not your father's Republican Party. Somewhere along the line they got on a short bus to Crazy Town, and if someone gets the nomination of one of the two major parties, especially in a bad economy with a black president, yeah, she could become president.

Honestly, what does it say about our society that this disgusting creature gets invited on so-called cable news networks to spout his highly misogynistic opinions?

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