After Mocking Rick Perry for Calling Twitter 'Tweeter' Chris Matthews Does it Twice in One Show

John Lennon in the '70s sang about instant karma getting you.

On Wednesday's "Hardball," two weeks after mocking Texas governor Rick Perry for calling Twitter "Tweeter," the pathetically pompous Chris Matthews made the same mistake not once, but twice (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: And check out Rick Perry getting a new media award -- that's for knowing what you're talking about -- and then saying, quote, "You can always follow me on tweeter." I think it's Twitter, brother.

That's how Matthews teased the segment during his "Hardball" introduction on June 21.

Later in the program, before breaking for a commercial, Matthews continued to belittle Perry:

MATTHEWS: Up next: Texas Governor Rick Perry wins a new media award, then says, you can follow me on tweeter. This guy may be more like George W. than we thought. Catch it in the "Sideshow" coming up next.

After the commercial break:

MATTHEWS: Back to HARDBALL. Now to the "Sideshow."

First up: It's all Greek to me, or all Greek to Rick Perry. In a media made for the RightOnline Conference, the Texas governor urged fellow conservatives to follow him on Twitter -- or did he?


GOV. RICK PERRY (R), TEXAS: Until then, if you have had enough, take out our phone and text fed up to 95613. And you can always follow me on tweeter @GovernorPerry.

Thanks for this award. God bless you.


MATTHEWS: Well, tweeter? The kicker: Governor Perry was accepting an award recognizing his use of new media.

Well, with the ghost of John Lennon possibly at his side, Matthews Wednesday made the same mistake - twice:

MATTHEWS: But the big challenge obviously is to get those numbers jacked up again to 2012 where he can have at least the same participation. Will Tweeter, will Twitter help?

A few minutes later:

MATTHEWS: So what good’s Tweeter? Twitter? Tweeting?

You see, it's funny when a liberal makes a mistake. But when a conservative does it, it disqualifies him or her as being a serious candidate for high office.

By the way, to quote Matthews, the kicker: This was a segment about the President's town hall meeting taking questions from - wait for it! - Twitter.

Cue John Lennon:

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