Pat Buchanan and John McLaughlin Finally Silence Eleanor Clift: 'Hold it' - 'Quiet'

There was a truly delicious moment on this weekend's "McLaughlin Group" that's guaranteed to please conservatives from coast to coast.

During a heated discussion about President Obama's call to end tax breaks for corporate jet purchases, Pat Buchanan and John McLaughlin literally silenced Newsweek's Eleanor Clift much to her dismay (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ELEANOR CLIFT, NEWSWEEK: We should get another view here, when the corporate jet caucus is done convening.

MORT ZUCKERMAN: Oh, that's nonsense.

CLIFT: This is a symbolic issue. Do you remember the $400 toilet seats that the Pentagon had to defend several years ago?


CLIFT: This is the kind of thing that people understand, and when you look at the tax code, it is riddled with tax breaks for special interests.

JAMES PETHOKOUKIS, REUTERS: Eleanor, do you remember the yacht tax that killed the yacht industry? Put thousands out of work? It's the exact same thing.

CLIFT: The corporate jet…


PAT BUCHANAN: This is demagoguery. Hold it Eleanor, hold it!

CLIFT: You’re telling me to, quit telling me to hold it. I stopped talking several minutes ago.


Now that's must-see TV!

I'm thinking of putting in a loop and watching it over and over and over...

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