Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Find Media 'Sifting Through' Palin's Email 'Repulsive'

June 13th, 2011 5:15 PM

When lefties Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore think the media's Palin Derangement Syndrome has gone too far, you know the press are hitting new depths of indecency.

Judging from the couple's Twitter accounts, the recent feeding frenzy over the former Alaska governor's email was all they could stand:

Over the weekend, the former Alaska governor got a surprising show of support from actor Ashton Kutcher, who trashed the media for digging through thousands of emails Palin sent when she was in office.

"As much as I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin I find sifting through her emails repulsive and over reaching media," Kutcher said on Twitter.

Wife Demi Moore followed:

Warms the cockles, doesn't it?

(H/T Tammy Bruce)