Ann Coulter Tells Joy Behar 'Liberals Would Drink Obama's Bathwater'

June 10th, 2011 10:59 AM

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter had a lively discussion with HLN's Joy Behar Thurday as she discussed her new book "Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America."

After her host claimed the Republican Party has made a saint out of Ronald Reagan, Coulter countered, "Liberals would drink Obama's bathwater" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ANN COULTER: The idea is that liberals are a mob, they have the psychological characteristics of the mob --


COULTER: Sometimes launching out into actual literal mobs. And mobs are always bad things.

BEHAR: But you know, I said to you when you were on "The View" the other day that the Tea Party is more of a mob than the liberals.


BEHAR: I don’t see the mob. You know, I --

COULTER: Well, look, just today you had -- was it today or yesterday? The union protesters in Wisconsin are disrupting Special Olympics so that they can protest the Republican governor.

BEHAR: I see. So a mob to you is a group of protesters.

COULTER: No, no, no, no. The first like third of the book is on the psychological mob. And that more has to do with how liberals argue, how they easily accept contradictions, how they create messiahs -- Obama, Clinton, JFK, RFK --

BEHAR: What about the Republican Party? They seem to create saints. Ronald Reagan.

COULTER: The closest one, which is the one I looked at, and this is more of our whitewashed memories now, would be Ronald Reagan. But A, it’s based on his record, not before he’s even done anything and just says hope and change, and oh, I’m having sex dreams about him.

BEHAR: But you know, I think that’s so unfair -- so unfair to Obama because Obama came in with a big problem from the Bush years. And you have to admit it. Admit it.

COULTER: No, but what I’m saying --

BEHAR: Admit it, Ann. Come on. Admit it.


BEHAR: Just admit that one thing and I’ll let you talk the rest of the time.

COULTER: No, because you’re going to trick me into talking about the economy again, and once again we’ll drive away the viewers.

BEHAR: I don’t want to talk about the economy. It’s too boring.

COULTER: But that’s not what I’m talking about, whether he inherited a problem. What I’m saying is, he hadn’t done anything yet. The love for Reagan, to the extent you’d call it love, is based on an eight-year record, not on a presidential campaign, point one.

And this is the point that liberal media members like Behar just don't get: Obama was treated as a messiah by the press before he was even elected. The man had not done one thing for this nation, and the Left along with their media minions worshipped him like the second coming of Jesus Christ.

This is not what the Right or the conservative press did for Reagan as Coulter accurately noted:

COULTER: But point two, as I describe in the book, I went through Lexis Nexis throughout the eight years of the Reagan administration. Reagan wasn’t even the most popular conservative his first year in office. His favorite newspaper, my newspaper, "Human Events," was attacking him so much that the "Washington Post" reported that Reagan met the editors and said, well, I’m still reading you guys but I’m liking it a lot less.


COULTER: Liberals would drink Obama’s bathwater.

BEHAR: That’s so ridiculous.

COULTER: There have been articles about how women are having sex dreams about Bill Clinton. They are having -- in the "New York Times," Judith Warner, having sex dreams about Obama.

Indeed. NewsBusters reported this in February 2009.

COULTER: And don’t act surprised by that.

BEHAR: So what? So what’s wrong with that?

COULTER: I promise you I am not having sex dreams about Dwight Eisenhower.

BEHAR: Yes, but I had them about President Taft.


BEHAR: You know how fat he was, President Taft? They had to make a special bathtub for him. Did you know that?

COULTER: Yes, I did.

BEHAR: You don’t want any fat guys in the White House.

COULTER: No, no, no, it’s part of what makes me think that a Chris Christie 2012 presidency could --

BEHAR: I know you love him, don’t you?

COULTER: Yes, I do.

BEHAR: I asked you on "The View --"

COULTER: He could use the Taft bathtub.

BEHAR: I asked you on "The View" if you were a chubby chaser because you love Christie so much.

Coulter's point here that was likely lost on Behar was that the Left and their media minions create objects to be worshipped and followed by the public and they do it in such a fashion that not adhering to the new messiah's wishes is somehow either un- or anti-American.

In the case of Obama, descent is not only anti-American, it's downright racist.

By contrast, the Right doesn't do this. Reagan, for example, is loved by conservatives for what he accomplished, and wasn't bestowed any saintly honor until he actually did something for the nation.

In the case of Obama, he was not only anointed prior to accomplishing anything, but also his devotees in the media won't consider removing his crown even with failures of 9.1 percent unemployment, skyrocketing gas and food prices, and plummeting home values.

Today's press aren't only quick to put a Democrat on a pedestal, nothing - even poor job performance or a sex scandal - will lead them to knock him off it.

Must be nice to be worshipped with such impunity.